INITAL Production İnspection

Production Supervision
It checks the materials or components stored for the production of your order. It also inspects the first production run. This type of inspection detects defective materials or components as well as deviations from the customer's specifications at an early stage, thus minimising the occurrence of inconvenient situations and enabling timely corrections if necessary.

Inline Production Inspection
Internal Production Supervision or checks semi-finished or finished goods and ensures that your order is at least
15% is realised when it is produced. INPRO increases your control over production, allowing timely correction of defects and improvement of quality. It also allows you to verify that your order is being produced according to the programme. Corrective measures can be taken accordingly.

Final Random Inspection
The Final Random Inspection checks finished products when at least 20% of your order has been produced and packed for export. Samples are randomly selected according to AQL sampling standards and procedures. FRI ensures that production conforms to your specifications and/or the terms of your purchase order or letter of credit.